Encryptr Now an Official SpiderOak Product

I am happy to announce that SpiderOak has acquired Encryptr. They were already providing all of the hosting of the Crypton server back-end, but they are now taking over ownership, marketing, support, etc.

I am still the primary developer for now (Encryptr is open source, after all), but SpiderOak will be in control of the day to day direction of the app such as features and releases.

We will soon be releasing v2.0.0 — a near total rebranding of the visual side of the app led by SpiderOak’s Lead Designer @helveticade. Soon after we will be releasing the long-awaited iOS version.

From there, it’s going to be all about the features people have been asking for… like import/export, sharing, and more.

The new location for the source is https://github.com/SpiderOak/Encryptr

So keep an eye out for v2.0.0, our best release yet, with more great things to come in the future.

Published: November 09 2015

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